Born and raised in Israel.


  • Graduate from "Kalisher Art Academy" – Tel-Aviv, Painting & Sculpture
  • B.A from Haifa University & Tel-Aviv University, Sciences & Philosophy

Solo Shows:

  • Gerstein Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2017
  • Maaay Gallery, Zichron Ya'akov, Israel, 2014
  • Gan Shmuel Gallery, Kibbutz Gan Shmuel, Israel, 2012

Group Shows

  • Menashe Gallery, Israel, 2019
  • Ein-Hod Gallery, Ein-Hod, Israel, 2018
  • Maaay Gallery, Zichron Yaacov, Israel, 2016
  • Central Station Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2015
  • Beit Hecht, Haifa, Israel, 2013, 2014


About my work:

The technique and imagery came one by one. I experienced long search for the right tempo in my work that could satisfy me. I liked to work in oil paints, and everything I created was not "that". I start to use pencils and my exposure to the line as an option to work in painting, not as a drawing tool, and from then the whole process of creating a painting became possible. The speed matched the amount of work required to create an image.

My internal speech while I work is on vertical and horizontal, light and shadows   ,hot colors – cold colors , finding the balance in the multiplicity and bringing it to a place of contraction - when I experience silence in the finished work ; Create a composition , be in a dialogue with complex rhythms, with the odd, from the line to reach the stain. There is always a process of dissolution and assembly within the work and the image.

The images began from photographs I made of landscapes that interested me. The "Ruins", and the "Pistachia Atlantica", came from my photographs where I looked for special light and composition, which I dismantled in the painting and put together again to the whole. The lacquers for fixing and finishing are part of the materials in the work, as if they are being submerged the material - the various pigments - and connecting them to the wood.

Ruins, ancient  trees, the connection between them, the left over, what remains of the human culture, which has been abandoned, and the life of the vegetation and the trees on it. The experience of the hidden that I have no access to, but traces, very interesting me. The sound of that inanimate reminds me an underwater diving; The experience of the sights that passing by , the special sound that accompanies them.

I am in opinion that the human race is consistently exaggerating in domination and destruction, in disrespect and synchronization with its surroundings, that capitalism serves the excess and exaggerated as a fatal disease.

The experience and the possibility of "whole" as a maker, between the material, the medium, the subject, the decomposition and assembly that seems to characterize me very much, occurred after reading an article about the "Rhizome", written by 'Deleuze' and 'Guattari' . At first my friends called my works "Rhizomes". The Rhizome talks about a way of seeing the world and its behavior in a non-hierarchical and trees like: roots-trunk-branches-tops, but rather as the growth of a grass that sends extensions of the same one as a multiplicity of lines that create the image.

I experience the paintings as something that can be wandering endlessly. The eye can be fixed and move at the same time and not satiation from the encounters and complexity that exist within the painting. A realistic picture with abstract course.


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